About this course

Do you deal with internal or external customers? Would you like to develop your professional skills in customer handling and designing customer operations so that your customers are not only satisfied but keep coming back for more? 

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for all staff who deal with internal or external customers. It focuses on skills development in communications, listening and customer handling. It is an essential first stage of training for customer-facing staff.


  • Understand the ‘Seven Drivers of Customer Satisfaction’
  • Have more confidence in your customer handling skills
  • Be able to communicate more effectively with your customers
  • Be able to design customer-centred processes that drive loyalty for your business
  • Understand how to deal with all types of customer feedback and use it to drive improvements

Learning Objectives

  • Think about behaviour and practice which drives customer satisfaction
  • Take part in role plays to build your confidence in dealing with customers
  • Work on case studies about how to design better customer processes
  • Practice techniques for solving customer problems and handling complaints
  • Explore examples of world class customer service standards

Service Delivery

  • Introduction to Customer Management
  • Developing relationships
  • Moments of truth
  • Delivering a branded Customer Experience

Customer Journey Mapping

  • Designing a customer-focused process
  • Analysing and Improving your processes – the Three ‘E’s

Getting it right – Enquiries, comments and complaints

  • Developing a Customer Management Framework
  • Effective writing for different customer communication channels
  • Saying ‘no’ and saying ‘yes’ – using your EQ, questioning and listening skills
  • Getting it ‘Right First Time’: advanced skills
  • Complaints Handling: building rapport and empathy, mirroring and matching
  • The ‘fixer’ model
  • Communication model/self-regulation

Delivering consistent customer service to agreed standards

  • Setting customer service standards that drive business
  • Seven drivers of satisfaction and  why ‘satisfied’ is not good enough
  • Creating advocates for your business
  • Assessing your organisation’s performance
  • Action planning