About this course

This highly collaborative workshop will show you how to write copy that sells, whether it’s an idea in a newsletter or a product in a flyer. It highlights the skills you need to create attention, interest, desire and action in your reader. Working in small groups with plenty of discussion and practice, you will master the style and language you need to get a favourable response from your reader.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to improve their ability to sell their ideas in writing.


  • Produce text that suits your target audience 
  • Focus on your purpose, product and readers 
  • Implement techniques to overcome writer’s block

Learning Objectives 

  • Create text that sells 
  • Write more interesting and creative copy 
  • Get into the head’ of your reader

Course Outline


  • Recognising the role and qualities of a copywriter 
  • Maximising the impact of the internet on copywriting


  • Following the six basic rules of brainstorming 
  • Thinking creatively

Writing to communicate 

  • Using the 3 Ps of successful copy 
  • Articulating features and benefits 
  • Motivating your reader

Writing copy 

  • Understanding the AIDA formula 
  • Maximising the power of headlines 
  • Writing effective lead-ins

The words 

  • Writing clear copy 
  • Using emotion vs intellect 
  • Being specific and concise 
  • Creating visual appeal 
  • Designing effective logos, captions and in-text graphics/pictures

Writer’s block 

  • Knowing the causes of writer’s block 
  • Battling writer’s block