About this course

This highly interactive workshop helps develop skills and strategies for successful communication in the modern business environment.

Through case study scenarios, role plays, personality tests and mini-presentations you will learn how to communicate better with others

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to improve their interpersonal communication skills to get the most out of interactions with staff, colleagues and clients.


  • Communicate with greater confidence with a range of different people
  • Be able to better overcome barriers to communication
  • Know how to demonstrate active listening skills to build better relationships

Learning Objectives

  • Learn strategies for communicating your message clearly
  • Understand the different communication styles and learn how to adapt to others
  • Receive feedback on your communication approach

Communicating with impact

  • Understanding the nature of communication
  • Communicating a positive image
  • Creating clear message 

Communicating styles

  • Understanding your communication style
  • Recognising different communication styles
  • Communicating effectively with others

Barriers to communication

  • Identifying common barriers
  • Overcoming communication barriers
  • Responding to people under pressure


  • Active listening
  • Being empathetic
  • Clarifying information

You and your voice

  • Elements of the voice
  • Volume, pace, pausing and emphasis