About this course

This interactive workshop focuses on providing skills for managers to support, challenge and motivate their team members through coaching. Coaching develops strong relationships with colleagues, promotes a strategic, action-based approach and encourages reflection and growth for both the coachee and the coach. This course aims to build confidence in coaching through creating effective presence, strong questioning skills and an open, flexible style. There will be tips, techniques and feedback on practical coaching sessions.

Who should attend?

Managers who want to support and develop their staff through coaching.


  • Understand how to measure organisational or team productivity 
  • Discover techniques to help you get the best from your team 
  • Lead your team more confidently through a process of change

Learning Objectives 

  • Learn the techniques for enrolling a coachee 
  • Practise powerful questions for different coaching situations 
  • Apply a range of coaching frameworks

Course Outline

Making a start 

  • Recognising the benefits of coaching and creating a coaching culture 
  • Defining coaching 
  • Coaching ethics and boundaries 
  • Building the qualities of a successful coach 
  • Recognising what you can offer 
  • Pre-coaching conversations

The coaching conversation 

  • Establishing rapport 
  • Building coaching presence 
  • Listening actively 
  • Exploring coaching frameworks 
  • Asking the right questions 
  • Establishing clear goals

Motivating the coachee

  • Examining empathy vs sympathy
  • Encouraging growth and development
  • Challenging perceptions and assumptions
  • Managing challenging emotions

Moving forward

  • Recapping the key points
  • Promoting reflection
  • Moving forwards