benefits of learning English

Learning a language is considered one of the most beneficial undertakings, with English being one of the most useful to learn. Currently, there are 1.5 billion people speaking and learning English. The benefits of learning English are vast and numerous for any individual.

English and your social life

Learning English prepares learners for the wealth of daily interactions that they may encounter, especially when travelling abroad. Even at a basic level, learning English allows learners to successfully order food, go shopping and buy tickets for events. The confidence gained from this is priceless, and is only a small part of what learning English has to offer. Learners of English can also form friendships with people from a variety of backgrounds and this gives them a better understanding of the world and its cultures.

Just as importantly, learning English opens learners up to the vast English-language media and culture that is available locally and internationally, whether that is film, news or literature. For many, this is not only an advantage in itself but also an opportunity for further learning. Adult courses at the British Council in Malaysia enable students to develop communicative and receptive skills for these various social situations and have a strong emphasis on feeding back on how our learners are developing.

English and your career

English is the default language option in the business and career-oriented world. Companies and organisations throughout the world rely on English as their language of communication. Having English on your resume opens doors in the professional world and boosts your hiring potential both in local organisations and across the globe. English allows individuals to seek jobs and pursue opportunities in many countries, leading to better salaries and training prospects within the company. Employers value those who can use their language skills to write emails and reports, give presentations or vocalise their opinions in meetings, and even communicate with clients. Here at British Council, we focus on developing our language learners to take on challenges within the workplace by improving their professional skills through our everyday SMART classes and Business Skills workshops provided for different levels. We encourage our students to use their language skills to further their professional career.

English and your Academic life

Another clear benefit of learning English is how it opens doors to pursue educational opportunities. There are two common types of learners in this area: those that desire to take IELTS to enter universities and those that are developing general academic skills. Enrolling in IELTS-focused classes allows learners to develop the test-taking techniques which enable them to apply to the school they want and pursue their desired major or post-graduate studies like a Master’s or PhD.

The British Council in Malaysia provides support for students who want to develop in these areas, with courses designed both for those preparing for IELTS exams and those who are looking to develop their academic skills in a broader sense.