Written communication skills

See immediate improvements in your team's written communication skills.

Business Emails and Letters (2 days)

Examines the fundamental skills required for writing effective emails and letters according to modern standards.

CV Writing and Interview Skills (2 days)

Demonstrates how to write a clear, informative, accurate and effective CV that will create a positive impression on prospective employers. Helps develop the skills necessary for a successful interview.

Effective Business Reports (2 days)

Deals with the fundamental skills needed for planning, structuring, writing and checking reports, and provides techniques and exercises for focusing on objectives and outcomes, the reader and the material.

Technical Report Writing (2 days)

Concentrates on special skills needed by technical people to ensure their writing has the right impact on readers.

Minutes of Meetings (1 day)

Focuses on the records of decisions made and ideas shared at meetings. It helps you present clearer and more accurate minutes.

Grammar for Malaysian Business (2 days)

Demonstrates how to avoid errors and grammatical mistakes and save time in the process.

Fine Tuning Writing Skills for Managers (2 days)

Demonstrates how managers can perfect their letters, faxes, e-mails, reports and proposals and be a resource for their staff.