Part-time IELTS preparation


  • learn test taking strategies to help you maximise your test result
  • have an expert teacher who knows all about the IELTS exam
  • receive feedback on your strengths and areas to improve by doing IELTS practice tasks
  • feel more confident on the day of your test

Course information

  • How often are the classes?

    Tuesday and Thursday

  • What time are the classes?

    18.15 to 21.30

  • How long is each class?

    3 hours

  • How long is each course?

    30 hours over 5 weeks or 60 hours over 10 weeks in Kuala Lumpur

    18 hours over 2 weeks in Penang

Kuala Lumpur

LEVELS Days and Time

This part-time course is only available for students in the intermediate or upper-intermediate levels.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18.15 to 21.30

Night classes

Days Time
Wednesday to Friday (2-week course) 18.15 to 21.30