Recruit and retain top talent with an International Language Assessment (ILA). Boost communication skills to keep ahead. Customise it to fit your industry or unique needs.

  • baseline English levels quickly
  • uncover training gaps (grammar inaccuracy, poor vocabulary)
  • build personal learning plans with ease
  • raise capacity and better understand English usage at work

We can assess small or large groups (100+) with ease. We manage this process end-to-end and share a summary report with detailed recommendations and future learning.

Download a sample report here.


What is the process?

Step 1: Introduction to your ILA Welcome email explains the ILA, how it enhances your learning and helps you get ahead. 5 minutes
Step 2: CEFR test - grammar, listening, reading and writing Multiple-choice test and short writing task. 30 minutes
Step 3: Speaking assessment Short video (uploaded or delivered live to a Training Consultant)  5 minutes

What will your report show?

Clear, "can do" statements: BASIC, INDEPENDENT and PROFICIENT. Read more about each level here.