Think TNE is a series of dialogues that empowers leading education experts, policymakers, TNE providers and practitioners from East Asia and the UK to make extraordinary advances in the quality and delivery of transnational education.

It comprises education policy events on TNE topics such as: 

  • quality assurance
  • student experience
  • academic and talent development
  • employer engagement.

Think TNE Webinars 2020

Our latest Think TNE webinars in 2020 focused on the unprecedented impact of the recent Covid-19 pandemic on transnational education.

The Think TNE webinars form a series of in-depth discussions intended to strengthen the UK and East Asia’s strategic planning, enabling the education sector to better anticipate challenges, manage risk and respond to opportunities.

Focus of the Think TNE webinars 2020

The Covid-19 crisis brought travel bans and closed borders. University campuses shut down, class-based teaching and learning were suspended and student mobility halted. As virtual learning increasingly becomes the new normal, the global education sector now faces immense pressure to adapt to these changes and at pace. 

Our webinar series aimed to find answers to:

  • How has the significance and perception TNE changed, for better or worse?
  • Has limited mobility lent TNE greater appeal or will its development and delivery be more challenging from now on?
  • How can the UK and East Asia continue to lead and innovate through the pandemic and beyond?
  • What can higher education institutions and leaders do to sustain quality of delivery and positive student experience?
  • Will TNE play an even bigger role in the internationalisation of education?
  • What can we learn from our experiences today to shape the future of TNE?