The problem

Without suitable resources that are easily available teachers can struggle to plan engaging and effective lessons.

The solution

Teachers need resources that are relevant to the curriculum and to their needs in the classroom, and that are easy to use and applicable to both high and low resource environments. To progress with their professional development teachers need access to high quality materials in formats that suit them, and that are available when and where they want them. 

Our approach

  • We have an unrivalled resource of English language learning and English teacher development materials in offline, online, print and broadcast media.  Many of our materials are free.
  • We have successfully mapped our resources directly to national English curricula enabling easier access for busy teachers.

The British Council produces and provides unparalleled access to teacher development and English language learning materials. These multi-format materials are continually updated and represent the latest thinking in the field of English language teaching and learning.  We also bring our global experience to the sector by publishing books and research papers that showcase and share best practice in professional development and education reform.

Through the TeachingEnglish websites we provide materials for teachers, teacher educators and policy makers.  The site is home to over 250 lesson plans, 80 publications and is visited by over 25,000 people from more than 200 countries, every day.  Lesson plans, activities and ideas are available for children, teenagers and adults from CEF levels A1 –C1.    There are articles on all areas of teaching from skills and methodologies through to using literature and working on pronunciation, as well as sections on specialist areas of ELT including CLIL and Business English.