The problem

Poor English language skills can impede an English teachers’ ability to teach.  A lack of confidence in this area can also affect a teacher’s methodological approach. 

Our approach

  • We have a holistic approach to English language development that provides the linguistic skills for today's English classroom.  Improving teachers’ skills and confidence in use of English is key to success in the classroom.
  • We draw on a wealth of experience in delivering English language courses that are tailored to local need and context, and are available for teachers of all levels of English skills.
  • We can combine English language development with methodology to make training more relevant and practical for teachers, ensuring they receive the language input and skills they need for their classroom.

We have a range of training programmes that can work with teachers with any level of English and in any educational environment.  We can design English language training packages for face-to-face, blended or self-access delivery.

Our English language training can focus on general English skills or, often more effectively, teach English language whilst also focussing on the teachers’ subject and English teaching contexts through CLIL (content and language integrated learning).

Assessing teachers’ English language ability is an essential first step to design and measure the effectiveness of a language proficiency programme.  With Aptis we can provide a highly flexible, cost effective and easy to implement test which is informed by current research in applied linguistics.  More importantly this test is specifically tailored for English teachers.