The problem

Without professional development teachers’ knowledge and skills can become outdated. 

Our approach

  • We believe that professional development should continue throughout a teacher’s career and that teachers should be involved in their own professional development.
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) is a holistic approach to teacher development covering a full range of learning opportunities for teachers and teacher educators that includes and goes far beyond formal teacher training courses.
  • Our CPD frameworks are the organizing principles that reflect our beliefs and values and shape our approach, services and products.  They help teachers and teacher educators develop their competence over time, with the ultimate goal of improving learning outcomes.

Our CPD frameworks are specifically designed for English language teachers and teacher educators. They enable us to map development resources against competence areas. They help teachers and teacher educators to identify learning opportunities that are appropriate to different stages of their professional development, to establish a personal development pathway. By doing this we can position teachers and teacher educators at the centre of the learning process.

The frameworks enable teachers and teacher educators to access the bank of global professional development resources and connect them to the wider teaching community.  They are intended to be used by teachers, teacher educators and all those with an interest in and responsibility for their professional development.