Three children play a board slap game while the teacher stands behind them

Our vision

All teachers in the world have the high-quality continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities that improve their own professional understanding and practice and their learners’ success.

Developing quality teachers

We work with clients to provide high-quality continuing professional development for teachers that leads to improvements in the quality of teaching and learning.

The ultimate outcome of Teaching for Success is that:

  • teachers are competent, knowledgeable, highly motivated, committed to their profession, and able to innovate and to achieve the best for their learners

We support this with:

  • consultancy and quality assurance services
  • continuing professional development services and resources for teachers
  • English language proficiency and methodology training for teachers

The Teaching for Success approach

The British Council brings its global professional expertise to create sustainable teacher development solutions which:

  • build local continuing professional development systems and the human resource to maintain them
  • meet identified teacher needs and government priorities
  • have a positive and lasting impact on quality in the classroom
  • manage the factors across the whole education system that impact on achieving the goals for teacher development and quality in the classroom
  • embed equality, diversity and inclusion at every level
  • make the most effective use of technology for learning

Continuing professional development CPD)

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is at the heart of the Teaching for Success approach
  • Evidence shows that CPD is the most effective way to improve the quality of teaching
  • CPD continues throughout a teacher’s career and is planned according to individual teacher needs and professional requirement
  • CPD consists of a range of learning opportunities, including teacher training courses, mentoring, observation, communities of practice, reflection and research to meet different development needs
  • We take a constructivist approach to training and development which builds on the teacher’s existing professional understanding, knowledge and skills, and takes into account the teacher’s context