Teachers discuss new approaches in a group session

Re-energising teachers across the country

I've learned a lot of useful and practical things which can be applied to my teaching.” Junior High School teacher, Taiwan

While the education system in Taiwan produces pupils with excellent test scores, it is also known for overlooking creativity in favour of rote memorisation. The Central Ministry of Education K-12 Education Administration is working with the British Council to remedy this by giving English teachers training in areas such as CLIL, drama in the English classroom, and task-based approaches.

For the fourth year in a row, Elementary and Junior High School teachers from across Taiwan attended “useful, practical, and comprehensive” training where they learnt about new approaches and methodologies. They then returned to their schools to put into practise what they have learnt, and finally attend follow up training where they teach a demonstration lesson and give and receive feedback from trainers and their peers. A teacher told us that the new methodologies help to make "the atmosphere in the classroom enjoyable and encouraging.”  So far, the training over 300 teachers have benefitted from the training.

Developing skills for teaching young learners

"Now I feel equipped with greater knowledge of how to engage, encourage and help students achieve their full potential." Wayne

Wayne, an elementary school teacher working in Taiwan, felt his teaching abilities weren’t progressing and he was “going in circles”. After attending the British Council/Trinity TYLEC (Teach Young Leaners Extension Certificate) course his confidence has grown, and he tells us “I can see so many positive results through the increase of my students' daily language usage and interactions.

Wayne, and many other teachers, have taken the TYLEC course which, as teacher Freda tells us, helped improve and refine her teaching practice and become more “self-driven and constantly reflective”. The course particularly appeals to teachers from overseas as it is the only internationally recognised qualification specialising in teaching young learners in Taiwan and it can improve their career prospects when looking for work both in Taiwan and in other countries.

Cascading communicative methodology around Taiwan

Primary and secondary school teachers from across Taiwan spent a week learning about communicative teaching methodologies in order to cascade the training to their peers later in the year.  The training was organized by the central Ministry of Education K-12 Education Administration, Tainan City Government Bureau of Education and British Council Taiwan, and each municipality, city and county in Taiwan sent one teacher to the course.

Workshops focused on a wide range of communicative teaching methodologies, with sessions on teaching skills including Promoting Literacy by Exploiting Readers in the Young Learner Classroom, Listening and Speaking and The Forgotten Skill – Writing.  They also looked at various classroom management techniques with Differentiation in the Mixed Ability Classroom, Classroom Language and Pair Work and Group Work.  Other sessions included Task-based Learning and Developing Critical Thinking and Discussion Skills.  

The participants found the workshop very enjoyable, helpful, practical and inspiring.  One teacher described the training as a “fantastic journey”.  They also expressed the need for an extended course in the future so they can better apply their new skills to a real class.

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