Children sit on the floor with their hands in the air playing a warm up game at the English We Can... Camp

English We Can is a project to encourage the use of English across Thailand and has been set up by communication company, True Corporation in partnership with the British Council Thailand. This exciting programme celebrated its third year in 2015 with English We Can…Camp.  In previous years teachers received blended teacher training, through webinars, online coursework, face-to-face sessions and follow up observations, but this year students were invited to join in too.

For three days 90 students and 30 enthusiastic teachers from 23 provinces across the country came together at the English camp, where they worked (and played) on developing their English language skills.   One focus of the camp was the ASEAN Economic Community, where English will play a significant role not just inside the classroom. 

The programme emphasised fun activities to promote learning as well as communication skills. Children’s activities included arts & crafts, songs and games, while teachers looked at different English language teaching techniques – how to make English fun and engage students in class. On the final day all schools competed in the Puppet show - storytelling about your hometown which ended the camp on a high note. 

The puppet show in action
One of the puppet shows in action