The trainer writes on a flipchart

I learnt many skills that are related to my teaching, such as the student-centred teaching.” Participant

University students in China expect a more international environment during their studies, often hoping to work or study abroad later in their education. But many lecturers struggle to use English in the classroom, often lacking the confidence and expertise to teach in an EMI context.  Yunnan University is offering more of these very popular EMI/bilingual classes to students thanks to an extremely successful EMI training course for lecturers.

This program has wonderful and tailor-made training content, with very positive feedback received from both teachers and other stakeholders.”  Mr. DING Zhongtao, Vice President, Yunnan University

Yunnan University is currently the only First-Class University in Yunnan Province and has a strong focus on professional development and capacity building for teaching staff. EMI training was identified as a key area for development in improving teaching quality.

25 lecturers were selected to attend the EMI training, with the aim of enhancing the internationalisation of undergraduate and postgraduate education, promoting the Sino-foreign school projects and international exchange, and improving the English proficiency and teaching ability of the subject lecturers.  The training used extensive models, giving the lecturers a chance to put what they learnt into practice and included intensive training, classroom experimentation, remote tutorials and follow-up observation and feedback sessions.

I felt so many changes had truly taken place!” Participant

The training was not only “the most successful I have experienced” (Susan Hillyard, trainer) but also led to an increase in EMI and bilingual class offerings at the university.  By the end of the project eight new EMI/bilingual classes were opened by seven of the course participants and approved by the university.