A trainer stands in front of a group of teachers

Working with British Council, we are aiming at higher achievements: increasing students’ creativity, providing teachers with advanced experiences of drama in ELT from other countries, promoting the integration of drama and English in basic education, and developing English teachers` abilities in drama in ELT.” Tianjin Binhai TEDA district municipal office 

Drama can be a highly effective tool in the ELT classroom, and there has been an increasing demand in the Chinese school market for training in this area.  In response to the demand the British Council in China developed a new course, Drama in ELT. Primary and high school teachers in Tianjin’s TEDA district, the first to benefit from the course, are now running drama clubs for their students and receiving incredible feedback in response. 

After the training, we started three drama clubs across five different grades in the primary department. The students love the clubs! We teachers, too.” Participant

The main aims of the training are to improve teachers’ ability to apply drama techniques in English teaching and so increase student motivation in English learning. By the end of the project each school will have developed two plays which will be performed during the final stage of the training.  

Teachers are already using the new techniques and sharing them with their colleagues. One teacher told us “more teachers are getting engaged in this program. All of us who got trained shared our ideas with other teachers in the English department. But that's not enough. We do hope that trainer can give us some advice on teachers' training”.