Two participants sit at desks during the leadership training

The new way of thinking has widened my horizon.” Participant 

Many school principals in China have traditional views of their roles and lack formal training in modern educational leadership and management techniques. As education in China becomes more internationalised, 47 primary and secondary school principals from across Beijing took part in a three-week intensive leadership course, organised in partnership with the Beijing Municipal Education Commission (BMEC). The course focused on international education policy and systems, education and educational leadership, and management models and school culture.

British Council China is our valued partner and training programme is well designed and solid.” BMEC official

The trainers carried out ongoing assessment, so they were able to adapt the course to the participants’ needs as they went along, leading to almost 95% satisfaction levels.

I like the interactive communications, and I have learned a great deal from the collision of Chinese and Western cultures, and the blending of ideas. This is a very rewarding training.” Participant