What are Special English classes?
Special English classes are for people who want to improve their English language skills. The classes are taught by a selected group of qualifying teachers undertaking a training programme, the Cambridge English CELTA course. The classes are supervised by qualified Cambridge English tutors and form part of the final assessment of the new teachers.

Special English classes are only available at the teaching centre on Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. 

What are the levels and when are the classes?
There are only two levels: elementary and intermediate.
Classes are weekday afternoons, from 2:45 until 4:45 or 5:00

When are the classes? How many lessons are there?

Course dates:

Part-time: Tuesday and Thursday
From Thursday 4 October to Thursday 13 December 2018

Depending on the course, there are between 9 and 19 lessons.

How much do they cost?
You do not have to pay any course fees for these classes but you need to commit to regular attendance for the full course. We will ask you for an attendance deposit of RM300. This will be refunded to you if you attend at least 80% of the classes you register for.

How do I apply?
After deciding which course you would like to attend, make an appointment (see below) to come into the WSD teaching centre, 142C Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur for a placement test. You will receive an email confirming your appointment. Bring this email with you on the day of the placement test.

If you test at the right level, you can pay your attendance deposit, after which you will be provided with the information about your class and classroom.


Who can apply?

You must be 18 years old or more.

Your current level of English must be elementary or intermediate.

Malaysians and foreign residents with a Malaysian bank account (Maybank, RHB, CIMB, Public Bank and HSBC.) who want to improve their English language skills can apply. 

Under special circumstances, it may be possible to accept someone onto the course who does not have a bank account.


How and when do I get the refund?

After your course has finished, the full attendance deposit will be returned to your bank account if you have attended at least 80% of the classes. You will be notified by email when the refund has been made. It takes at least two weeks or more to process and refund the money to your bank account. 

We are only able to make refunds to bank accounts with Maybank, RHB, CIMB, Public Bank and HSBC.

Under special circumstances, it may be possible to organise a cash refund which you must come and collect at the teaching centre on Jalan Ampang.

If you attend less than 80% of the classes, regardless of the reason, we are unable to issue a refund.

Placement test date

Thank you for your interest in Special English Classes. Placement testing is now closed. More classes will be available in 2019