Customised courses

As well as delivering internationally-recognised teacher training programmes such as CELTA, we work with corporate partners as English language consultants and with educational organisations to deliver high quality teacher training customised to the needs of Malaysian teachers.  

Each of our teacher trainers has extensive experience.  They combine their knowledge of young learner and adult language learning with real world teaching and learning situations to deliver relevant and interesting educational services.

What we do

Our programmes are based on these principles, which represent our basic beliefs about training:

  • Trainees become motivated and develop a positive attitude to learning when the training relates to a purpose appropriate to the trainees’ needs and interests
  • Collaboration through group work has positive effects on learning, generates discussion and allows for purposeful learning. Group work also provides participants with valuable feedback from their colleagues
  • Trainees need to be autonomous. Given the appropriate level of support, each person can manage their own learning and set their own goals
  • Wherever possible, we use participants’ own teaching situations as a basis for role-play exercises, group discussions and fun interactive team activities. Interactive team activities help participants consider new ideas and allow them to apply their developing insights in a controlled but realistic way.

Who we work with

We are currently working with the following partners on a number of diverse projects:

  • Astro ‘Oh My English! Season Two’ to create wraparound materials to accompany each episode and as an English language consultant
  • Local schools to deliver tailor made teacher development workshops to their English language teachers
  • Independent schools to provide long term teacher development.

Whatever your organisational training needs are, our team is here to help.