Study for a UK qualification in Malaysia

In 2012, over 500,000 international students studied for a UK qualification, without travelling to the UK for their course.

There are now fantastic opportunities for you to gain a world-class UK qualification, wherever in the world you are based.

UK transnational education (UK TNE) is a term that means studying for a UK qualification, outside the UK. There are a number of different ways to study:

  • Online/distance learning courses
  • UK overseas campuses
  • UK-international partnership programmes

The Guide to UK Qualifications in Malaysia 

The 5th edition of The Guide to UK Qualifications in Malaysia is a compilation of options of UK Transnational Education (TNE) programmes available in Malaysia.

The guide is designed to help you make the right choice from the various types of UK qualifications in Malaysia. The guide includes:

  • An overview of the development of transnational education (TNE) in Malaysia and the various types of TNE arrangements available; 
  • 5 reasons to pursue a UK qualification in Malaysia; 
  • cost of education in Malaysia, which includes the course fees and living expenses; 
  • scholarships and financial aid available to fund your higher education; 
  • descriptions of different disciplines and what they mean to you;  
  • course directory that lists the UK qualifications offered by various UK institutions in Malaysia; 
  • information about institutions offering TNE programmes in Malaysia; and 
  • success story of a student who pursued a UK qualification locally