British Council

As part of our Higher Education Partnerships Programme for 2018/2019, the British Council in Malaysia is seeking a UK Consultant to conduct a scoping study on technology transfer in UK and Malaysian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and develop plans to facilitate mutually beneficial higher education partnership activities between participating UK and Malaysian HEIs.

Building on previous research management and governance work, and given that overall evidence points to the UK university system operating at world class standard in technology transfer, this project aims to identify gaps, challenges and drivers that could impede or support the operations and roles of Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) within the Malaysian HEIs and address these through capacity building and other partnership activities using the best practices and models of UK institutions. Strategic UK-Malaysia higher education partnerships to share expertise to develop TTOs in Malaysian HEIs would also be a catalyst to expand and diversify the internationalisation agenda of UK HEIs and for mutual learning to take place. The broad range of mutually beneficial activities identified as a result of the scoping study  could enable UK HEIs to develop broader links with Malaysian industry as a way to strengthen and diversify their research. The multi-layered partnership activities could also facilitate student and faculty exchanges and increase international placement, as well as explore other mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities.

The consultant will work with a locally appointed consultant to undertake a scoping study to identify the barriers, challenges and drivers in technology transfer within the Malaysian HEIs as well as best practices and models in UK institutions.  The consultant will also develop plans to address the gaps and challenges through bespoke capacity building activities between the UK and Malaysian HEIs, as well as facilitate a workshop to support the development of a range of mutually beneficial partnership activities that strengthen linkages between the participating institutions. The scope of consultancy will involve remote as well as in-country engagement, including follow-up activity, monitoring and evaluation.

The deadline for application is 28 August 2018, 17:00 GMT+8.

All questions concerning this call should be addressed directly to the British Council Malaysia at syauqi.azman@britishcouncil.org.my


For further information and to submit bid(s), please refer to the documents below.