The Hubs for Good programme aims to provide support for the development of creative hubs to be key drivers and catalysts for good in their community. In line with the programme’s objectives, five grants were awarded to Malaysian creative hubs in March 2020 for the purpose of conducting clinics, workshops or exchanges with experts to increase the capacity of creative hubs and advance professional development of hub managers in areas such as social media audience engagement, mass media and public relations, branding and legal. 

As each creative hub grantee completes their project, they were also tasked to knowledge-share with their communities and the wider Malaysian hub network through sharing sessions, offering each creative hub’s unique insights of the grant experience and knowledge gained. Explore the digital contents below for more resources; think-pieces, presentations, guides and recordings of the sharing sessions.

New Naratif – Social media audience engagement

New Naratif's Social Media Manager, Yi Peng, introduces and walks you through the strategies New Naratif has implemented on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to boost engagement and reach. “How can you change your social media strategy to stand out on these platforms? Learn what has worked for us and what could work for you.” 

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Rimbun Dahan – Guiding hub members through media training

As the leader of a creative hub, you probably have lots of experience talking to the media--about your hub, your projects or the activities of your hub members. But what about when your hub members represent themselves? What are the common pitfalls of creative people talking to the media? How can you provide your hub members with a few simple tools to help them with their interview game? How can you advise them to prevent burnout on social media? And when does selling up become selling out? Whether talking to social media or mass media, similar rules apply. 

Rimbun Dahan’s Director, Bilqis Hijjas presents a few key perspectives drawing on materials from Sharmilla Ganesan's 4-session workshop "Mass Media Training for Arts Makers" and Rupa Subramaniam's 3-session workshop "Improving Online Visibility for Cultural Practitioners", as recently presented to the hub members of Rimbun Dahan. 

 Workshop 1 - Mass Media Training for Arts Makers 

 Workshop 2 - Improving Online Visibility for Cultural Practitioners 

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Zhongshan Building – Branding exercise sharing

The Zhongshan Building’s Co-Founder and Manager, Liza Ho, shares the hub’s new materials for increased communication with audiences and visitors through way-finding, directory, guide book and a more active and engaged social media.

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Borneo Laboratory – Rethinking public relations

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HAUS Kuching – Legal sharing for hub leaders

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