Human-Nature is a collaborative knowledge exchange programme aimed at creating a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Focused on sustainability, Human-Nature will explore Malaysia's cultural and biodiversity, engaging local communities* knowledge to address the impacts of climate change on cultural rights.

Over the three years of the programme, Human-Nature will:

  • support the development of collaborative creative responses for climate adaptation, 
  • foster partnerships between communities, arts practitioners, scientists, and academia to embed arts and creative responses into organisations policy,
  • elevate local Malaysian voices to share insights, knowledge and best practices around sustainable consumption, 
  • explore the role arts and creativity can play in addressing climate adaptation. 
"Indigenous knowledge is the accumulated knowledge, beliefs, and practices of native communities around the world, gained from centuries of living in close proximity to nature. It includes a vast array of knowledge systems, ranging from agricultural practices and medicinal plants to spiritual beliefs and traditional storytelling. This knowledge is not only valuable in its own right but has the potential to offer vital insights into contemporary global challenges. However, despite its value, much of this knowledge is at risk of being lost as indigenous communities face rapid modernization, globalization, and climate change. It is, therefore, crucial to preserve and promote indigenous knowledge to ensure its continued transmission to future generations and its potential application in modern society.” The Tuyang Initiative, community-led arts company from Miri, Sarawak.  


What is part of the Human-Nature programme?

  • Delegation to Malaysia: UK artists and professionals will take part in a delegation to Malaysia, aiming to foster collaborations with Malaysian counterparts on creative responses to climate adaptation. Delegates will have experience with multi-disciplinary projects that raise awareness and advocate for local cultural rights and climate challenges. Learn more about our delegates. 
  • Research: New research will be undertaken focusing on understanding how Malaysia's local community knowledge can offer alternative solutions to climate adaptation. The research will help to identify creative collaborations, long-term partnerships and fostering dialogues between Malaysian and UK arts sectors to address climate change.  
  • Creative commission grant support: Through our Connections Through Culture, and International collaboration grants in 2024, and opportunities to support collaboration and exchange between the UK and Malaysia that responds to climate and local community rights. Details to be announced soon. 

How will Human-Nature be delivered?

We work globally to support artists, cultural practitioners, and underrepresented groups to utilise the value of arts and culture to address social and environmental challenges – creating a more inclusive and sustainable future. At the heart of our work are people and communities, aiming to develop long-lasting, equitable and mutually respectful relationships that are initiated locally. 

To deliver the Human- Nature Programme we will work with three Malaysian based local community organisations. Read more about our partners. 

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