Florence Lambert

Human-Nature Programme 

The British Council has launched a new global programme Culture Responds to Global Challenges. It’s climate change strand aims to enable artists to tell the climate change story and improve practices in cultural organisations.

To tell the story of climate adaptation in Malaysia, 'Human-Nature' will be a 3-year programme of collaborations and partnerships between the UK and Malaysia Civil Society Organisations and arts sectors, to explore Malaysia’s cultural diversity and biodiversity, and develop creative responses to climate adaptation. 

Indigenous knowledge is the accumulated knowledge, beliefs, and practices of native communities around the world, gained from centuries of living in close proximity to nature. It includes a vast array of knowledge systems, ranging from agricultural practices and medicinal plants to spiritual beliefs and traditional storytelling. This knowledge is not only valuable in its own right but has the potential to offer vital insights into contemporary global challenges. However, despite its value, much of this knowledge is at risk of being lost as indigenous communities face rapid modernization, globalization, and climate change. It is, therefore, crucial to preserve and promote indigenous knowledge to ensure its continued transmission to future generations and its potential application in modern society.”

The Tuyang Initiative, community-led arts company from Miri, Sarawak 

Human-Nature aims to foster partnerships between the UK and Malaysian Indigenous representatives, artistic (including tech), scientific and academic communities to address climate adaptation with creative responses to

  • Embed arts and creativity in the response to climate adaptation  
  • Elevate Indigenous voices and wisdom through equitable participation and conversation  
  • Raise awareness about sustainable consumption models and new advocacy narratives 

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