Pintar Foundation and UEM Group Berhad

Why does Pintar Foundation and UEM Group Berhad partner with us?

Achieve your CSR aims

Through this partnership project, the Pintar Foundation and UEM Group Berhad have successfully implemented their core CSR corporate programme and leveraged the education experience of the British Council. 

About this project

This project is designed to support primary school teachers who teach standard 1-3 pupils, in their understanding and implementation of the KSSR (Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah).

Our joint project with the Pintar Foundation and UEM Group Berhad has been to deliver the ‘Teacher of English Development Project’ (TEDP), a programme delivering training and mentoring to 100 primary school teachers in 50 schools, in largely rural areas on the Malaysian peninsular. The Pintar Foundation is well known in Malayasia and aims to promote intelligence, nurture talent and advocate responsibility in rural and underserved schools nationwide. 

The British Council trainers regularly visit their trainees’ schools to mentor and support the teachers as well as conduct group teacher training sessions on effective techniques. Through this project we guide the teachers to adapt and implement meaningful communicative teaching techniques in their classrooms.

The project legacy will be to provide schools with teachers trained in reflective practice ready to cascade their knowledge to other teachers in their schools.