UK-Malaysia University Partnerships Catalyst Grant 2022 (Consortium members are invited to apply by 2 August 2022)

Under the Going Global Partnerships Programme, the British Council in Malaysia in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) has launched the inaugural UK-Malaysia University Consortium in 2022, which is designed to be a flagship initiative that promotes strategic engagement and bilateral cooperation in higher education between its partner universities in the UK and in Malaysia.

Through cooperation between the British Council and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, the Consortium comprising 16 UK universities and 20 Malaysia public universities will lay a foundation for creating long term collaborations, shared priorities, and complementary expertise between UK and Malaysia in HE. This is aligned with the Malaysian Higher Education Blueprint 2015-2025 and the UK International Education Strategy. 

Paving the path to achieving the Consortium’s aim, the British Council is delighted to publish a restricted grant call for lead institutions from the UK-Malaysia University Consortium to submit joint proposals in response to the UK-Malaysia Partnerships Catalyst Grant 2022.  A total grant value of GBP220,000 has been allocated to support four higher education collaborative projects (GBP55,000 each) between the UK and Malaysia Consortium member institutions that address emerging higher education challenges which are shared by UK and Malaysia.