Do you have any conversation courses?

Do you provide public speaking courses?

I have just finished my SPM examination and would like to take an English course. Which course would be most suitable for me? 
SMART English

I want to improve my English in grammar, vocabulary and conversation in 3 months, what kind of course I should take? 
SMART English

If I join the full-time adults course, does that mean I need to go to class everyday?
Yes (Monday to Friday)

I want to improve my English language and will take the IELTS test. Will this course help?

How many levels to go before I excel in English/How long does it take before I become proficient in English?
Every student is different, and progress will be determined by a  number of factors including how regularly you attend class, how much you participate and also how much study you do outside class.

What is the difference between general/life skill module and core English module?
Core English focusses on General English (grammar and vocabulary), while General Skills looks at applying the English learnt to realistic everyday situations and Soft Skills applies English to develop skills such as critical thinking, problem solving or presenting ideas.

What are the English courses that is suitable for working and studying in Australia or the UK?
Any (depending on specific student needs)


I'm not a Malaysian, what are the requirements needed for me to take this course?
Valid visa to be in the country during the study period

How long is the duration between the placement test and the intensive course for adult?
One day to a week. We have a weekly intake so it will depend on when the next classes start

What does the placement test consist of? 
Reading, Writing and Speaking 

How long is the placement test?
1.5 hrs


How much would it be for a 6 months full-time English course for adults? 
The fees are weekly RM 749 as such it will depend on how many week you are studying to complete the level you are placed in

Could you share the fees for every level with me? How much do I need to pay for each level?
RM 749 per week and there are 12 weeks per level

How much would it be for a one month full-time English course for adults?
RM 749 per week x 4 weeks


My husband and I want to register in your institute to learn English, I want to ask if we register, would the institute give us (my husband and I) the visa into Malaysia?
Student visas have specific requirements as set by the immigration department as such it is subject to approval from them

From Turkey to Malaysia there is no need for visa for 3 months stay (tourist). But I need to stay more than 3 months for the course. Because of this I guess I need a student visa for this. Can you help me with this?
Students visas are strictly for 6 months and it has to be applied from the country of origin

How can I get a visa to enter Malaysia and how long does it is take to issue the visa?
Student visas can take up to 6 months for approval