Amazing news: learning english for teens is not that hard

Find it difficult to encourage / motivate your teenager to learn English? Here are some interesting tips that will enhance and help with the process: 


Listen to your favourite song.  Search for the lyrics and identify words that are new to you. Check the meaning and see if you can use the words in sentences.

If you can learn 5 new words a week, you will learn 20 new words in a month!


Use the 5 new words in your WeChat voice messages and SnapChat videos on a weekly basis with your friends. Your friend can do the same and you can learn 5 new words from your friends as well. This takes the number of new words from 20 a month to 40!


Read blogs from your favourite celebrities or follow them on Twitter and catch up on all the latest gossip. Write down new words that you don’t understand and look up the meaning.

Keep reviewing the list so that the words become more familiar. The more you read the easier it becomes to remember new words!


Being active on Instagram/Facebook and other social media is a great way to practice English, but try to avoid text speak if you want to write English well! Write descriptions using the new words you have learnt and tag your friends. Don’t be scared to use spell check, grammar check or any other application that can help you.

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