Welcome to term 4!

Welcome back to all of our existing students and a very warm welcome to those of you who have joined us this term. This is the final term for 2017 and we have had a very productive year with lots of amazing examples of student work.

Teaching Review

Some of you might have seen this gentleman observing classes last weekend. He was actually the reviewer of our Teaching and Learning Review (TLR), a system used across all British Council teaching centres to ensure Quality in the Classroom and that the relevant teaching standards are met. We are pleased to announce that we’ve received a very positive report that highlights many best practices within the centre. Thank you to everyone who participated in our focus groups, your feedback is very much appreciated.

Next level recommendations

Throughout your child’s course, their teacher has been assessing their progress. After careful consideration, the teacher decides which level would best meet the needs of your child based both on age and continuing the development of their English abilities.

Meet our new teacher!

Hi, my name’s Jamaica (just like the country). Over the last five years, I’ve enjoyed teaching English in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. It’s my first time in Penang and I’m really happy to be here. When I’m not teaching, you’ll probably find me reading a book, drawing, or drinking tea.

Parent-teacher meetings

These are set to run mid-October. All parents will be contacted once the dates are confirmed. This year, we are hoping to run these across two classes, so we can accommodate all parents. These will take place at the last hour of the classes and students will have work to complete while you meet with the teacher. Unfortunately, teachers will not be able to talk to parents after the end of the class, as they have to go to their next class, so please arrive promptly for your appointment. 

2017 Competitions

We ran two competitions this year; Global Art Competition and the Penang Poetry Competition. It was fantastic to see students getting involved in both competitions and we had some great submissions.

Global Art Competition

Under 8 winners:

1. Liew Ler Yee – PP4- Andy (Saturday 12.45pm)

2. Amie Ong Yue- PP3- Michael (Sunday 1.45pm)

3. Wong Jia Wen- PP4 – Jamaica (Sunday 1.45pm)

9-11 winners:

1. Yap Khai Chuen- UpInt-Jamaica (Sunday 11.30am)

2. Warren Loh Kong Chian- PP6- Euriska (Saturday 3pm)

3. Chua Yik En- PP6- Euriska (Saturday 5.15pm)

12-15 winner

J Ern Sim – LS3- Kasia (Sunday 4.15pm)

Poetry Competition

This year’s theme for our Primary Learners was to write a Haiku while our Secondary students had to write a poem about the environment. We had some beautiful poems and the judges found it quite difficult to select the winners!


Title: Bees (Xiang Ting Tan - PP3)

Title: Precious tears (Michelle Lim Xin Yi - LS3)

Title: Poem of Nature (Dashreen Kavi Rajan - LS2)

Title: www(dot)pollution(@)environment(dot)com (Esther Ong Zhen Mei - US2)

Title: Life (Yap Kai Chuen - UP-INT)

Untitled: Christie Song - UP-ADV

2017 Holiday Courses

This year’s Holiday Programme is centred on building confidence and creativity through role playing games, project design and creative writing. Each session is designed to balance practice and production. While students will be working in teams to produce their project, they will also be exposed to theory, history and of course, language!

Registrations are now open and we hope to see you there!

Register before October 31st to get a 10% early bird discount! 

How can you support your child?

There are many ways you can support your child in their language learning journey. Take a look at our Padlet page for tips (and feel free to leave a comment!). We also have tips for you to take home. You can find these near the computers in the front office.

Padlet: https://padlet.com/osbornc88/2bhqz1y785f0

Other sources of information and student work, parent noticeboard, and wonderwall.

2018 Registration dates

You can register for our 2018 term from the 21st October-5th November 2017

If you have any friends who want to register their children for the first time, they can do so after the 11th of November.