Welcome to term 4!

To returning families – welcome back for term 4! To new faces, thank you very much for choosing the British Council. We look forward to working with you in the future, and hope that everything has got off to a good start. If we can help in any way – answering questions, providing more information – please contact our Customer Service team on the ground floor.

Our calendar of events for Term 4 is now ready for downloading. There is a photography competition, a storytelling session and parent workshops to look forward to.


Child protection

  • Please remember to drop off your child less than 15 minutes before class and also to pick them up promptly when class finishes.
  • Children should wear their tags at all times whilst in the building.  Parents/Guardians of children who have blue or pink tags should also remember to wear their tags when collecting them.
  • Just to remind you that we have a strict ‘No photo’ policy, so please refrain from taking photos of anyone or anything whilst on our premises.


Parent Workshops

This term we have three fantastic parent workshops for you to learn more about your child’s course. Sessions run on Saturday and Sunday in Room 17 from 1.20-2.00pm.  There will be entertainment for children in Room 18 whilst you attend the workshops.

14 & 15 Oct: How Teenagers Learn

In this session, we will look at how scientific study into memory and learning can help our teenagers to remember more from class, and give us easy ways to help them, especially when studying for exams. This workshop is for parents of students in UP, LS and US classes.

28 & 29 Oct: How to increase your child’s attention span

Children often struggle to pay attention for more than a few minutes. This can affect their grades at school and frustrate teachers and parents. In this session, we will talk about techniques to help your child stay focused and pay attention for longer periods of time.

11 & 12 Nov: How to entertain your kids over the holidays

The holidays are coming! Join this session to find out what English learning games and apps you can introduce to your child to keep them occupied and using English until our new term starts in January.


Photography Competition

This term, our exciting competition open to all students is “A dish with a story”. We are asking students to take a picture of their favourite food/dish and write a description.

The competition closes Sunday 29 October.

Students will receive information on how to write the description, and how to submit the photos, from the class teacher. You can also find this information on posters around the school

Good luck everyone!



Our resident storyteller, Keats, will be back again on 7 & 8 October to tell stories to our young learners. The stories are appropriate for our Primary Plus students and space is limited, so participation will be on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Storytelling will take place in the placement test area on the ground floor, and will run from 1.20-2.00pm. 

It would be lovely to see lots of you there!


2017 Holiday Courses

This year, our December holidays are using game-based learning to engage students in creative and challenging uses of English, and improve students’ confidence in both writing and speaking. 

7-10 year olds will create their own board game, gaining confidence through presenting their own creative ideas to their classmates. 

11-13 year olds will focus on confident writing through the creation of a ‘choose your own adventure’ story book, using game elements to put their own creative spin on the task. 

Lastly, the 14-17 year olds will be working on their public speaking and negotiation abilities whilst role-playing as delegates in the UN who are solving a world crisis.