Important term dates
Last weekend of term 3:  1 and 2 September
First weekend of term 4:  22 and 23 September

Global Art Competition

This year’s global art competition on the topic School: now and in the future has been a great success! We have received well over 50 entries from students of all age groups with a very high standard and wide selection of creative and innovative ideas. Thank you to all students for putting in so much effort into their drawings, and to parents for your support!

The entries were shortlisted, and a panel of judges has already chosen the winners. Winners will receive their certificates and prizes this week. Well done to all of you!

Look out for information on our plasma screen and display to see the winning pictures.

Parent workshop

We have one more parent workshop this term. The workshop will be in week 9 (25/26 August). In this session, Sharing Stories with Picture Books, we aim to demonstrate the importance of sharing reading with children and give you some practical tips to inspire your child to read. This workshop is for parents of Primary Plus and Phonics students.

The workshop takes place in room 17 from 1:20-2:00pm and space is limited, so we recommend parents arrive on time to get a seat. There will also be a film showing in room 18 for children to watch while parents attend the talk.

Child protection

Please remember to drop off your child less than 15 minutes before class and also to pick them up promptly when class finishes.

Children should wear their tags at all times whilst in the building.  Parents/Guardians of children who have blue or pink tags should also remember to wear their tags when collecting them.

Just to remind you that we have a strict ‘No photo’ policy so please refrain from taking photos of anyone or anything whilst on our premises.

NEW: Holiday Courses 2018!

When children are engaged, motivated and having fun, learning happens without them even noticing! Our 2018 Holiday Courses are designed to be exciting and fun, combining the highest quality English instruction with this year’s topic:

Confident Speaking and Writing through Science and Technology

Using Science and Technology to teach English gives students the opportunity to use Higher Order Thinking Skills, such as problem-solving and analytical thinking. It is a broad and fascinating subject which gives children the chance to be creative, do experiments, get messy, make crafts, and learn more about the world around them. Our world-class teachers will be there to give guidance and feedback on their English every step of the way.

  • For 5 – 6 year olds, students will explore a range of topics such as ‘The Animal Kingdom’ and ‘The Solar System’ through the medium of English. Students will take part in fun activities such as weird and wonderful science experiments, making crafty and colourful posters, and building the tallest tower.
  • Our 7 – 10 year olds will learn about science, engineering, and computing, and write about and present their ideas. Students will have a chance to utilise more advanced Higher Order Thinking Skills to work in teams and conduct amazing experiments.
  • 11 – 13 year old students will develop their confidence in speaking and writing by being journalists for a week, investigating and writing about natural disasters, living in zero gravity, and medical mysteries.
  • Finally, our 14 – 17 year old students will push themselves to work on challenges such as building the strongest bridge, producing a detailed plan for an expedition, and recording a presentation about living on Mars.

To learn more about our 2018 Holiday courses, and to book your place, visit our website today here.