Upper Primary

Our Upper Primary courses develop the confidence, language and skills kids need to express themselves clearly and accurately.  Our classes are fun and communicative with an inclusive atmosphere where students are encouraged to think and express their opinions, ask questions and interact with their peers and teacher. 

Fun and interactive lessons:

We use a variety of exciting activities to ensure students are always engaged with their learning including presentations, games, group projects and role plays.  We learn a language to communicate and we encourage all students to give their opinions and contribute to the class.  Kids love these kinds of lessons!

Skills for life:

Our approach supports personal, emotional and social development as well as developing important life skills:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Leadership and personal development

English for the long term:

Mastering a language provides benefits now and in the future.  We encourage the students to see for themselves how they learn most effectively through reflecting on their progress and recording what they have studied.  These skills ensure kids see their progress now and can continue to learn long after they have left the classroom.  

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Course information


    Every Saturday and Sunday


    2 hours


    10 weeks for each term

  • How can I enrol my child?

    Visit our centres at Kuala Lumpurthe Curve Damansara and Penang to enrol your child on this course.

    Parents can use our online booking system here to make an appointment in advance to test your child's English level or visit our centres.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching Centres
Start dates

Teaching Centres NEXT INTAKE DATES - Register early to find a suitable slot.
Kuala Lumpur 15 June 2019
The Curve 15 June 2019
Penang 15 June 2019

Sample Lesson
Healthy Habits

In this lesson students learn about the ‘food pyramid’ before researching and assessing their classmate’s diets. They present their findings in groups and write a report outlining how healthy their class eating habits are.  

Skills outcomes:

Public speaking – how to plan a short presentation and speak confidently in public
Report writing – how to accurately summarise information using an appropriate genre

Whole child learning goals    

Critical thinking: classifying food types and supporting their choices
Collaboration and communication: working together to plan and deliver a group presentation
Leadership: demonstrating self confidence in public speaking and group work