Pathway to international school

We recognise that studying international school in English can represent a new challenge for your child.  Our new course is designed to improve the specific skills your child needs to excel in this exciting educational environment.  

On this course your child will:

Improve their writing through:

  • Learning to apply the styles and conventions of different genres in writing
  • Learning to summarise information briefly and accurately
  • Developing increased accuracy by, for example, using punctuation to mark out meaning in complex sentences
  • Adapting the conventions of the text type to achieve a variety of purposes

Develop their comprehension skills through:

  • Learning to recognise the key characteristics of a range of fictional and non-fictional texts
  • Developing referential and inference skills and understanding and explaining the implicit meaning of texts
  • Developing strategies for distinguishing between fact and opinion in a range of texts
  • Understanding aspects of narrative structure  

Speak confidently in a variety of formal and informal contexts:

  • Express and explain ideas clearly
  • Use appropriate language to persuade, instruct or make a case (e.g. in a debate)
  • Prepare, practice and improve a spoken presentation or performance
  • Vary language use, expression and tone of voice to suit the audience, purpose and context
Date Day Time Location
8 August – 28 November 2018 Wednesday 5.30pm – 7.30pm the Curve Damansara