How is SMART English and myClass different from one another? 
SMART English is a Full-Time intensive course (4 hours a day, 5 days a week) whereas myClass is a more flexible part-time course where students have some choice in how many lessons they wish to take each week

I need confidence to communicate in public. Will myClass help me?
myClass lessons place a strong emphasis on spoken communication and regular attendance and full participation in class should help boost your confidence.

How many classes do I need to take for the course?
There are 132 lessons per level (198 hours of study) and students must complete a minimum of 90 hours of study before they can finish a level

Do you provide public speaking course?

I am not working but I want to improve my fluency in english for my daily routine, is this the right course for me?
myClass features lessons on a variety of different topics that can be broadly categorised as workplace English, everyday English, social English and English for study

Does myClass focus on business writing and presentation?

Do you offer any online course?

Course times

I would like to join classes on the weekends. How do I know what type of classes are suitable for me?
We don't have specific weekend classes

Any classes that I can attend from 7pm onwards or on the weekends? Because my working hours is until 6pm. 
We have weekday myClass lessons starting at 18:20 and 20:05


Can I take the placement test online?

What does the placement test consist of? 
Reading, Writing and Speaking

How long is the placement test?
1.5 hours


Can I pay by installments?
Yes via CIMB credit cards

Can I pay using my EPF?
Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by EPF deduction. The payment can be paid by cash, credit card and cheque.

Please let me know when should I come to register and make payment.
Anytime upon completion of placement test and consultation