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myClass is a flexible way for you to develop your English to meet your academic, career or personal goals. Whether you need English for work, to get a better job, study here in Malaysia or overseas, or just need to improve your English for life in general, our lessons help you to develop English that is relevant to your individual needs.

With myClass you will:

  • study 100 per cent face-to-face with our professional teachers
  • have control of your schedule, and choose the time you want to study and the lessons you wish to take
  • start whenever you want and have lessons that fit perfectly with your schedule so you never miss a lesson
  • focus on practical language tasks which mirror real-life situations
  • choose lessons from a wide range of topics, covering key workplace, social, and everyday areas of English use.

Course details:

  • Where - KL (Wisma Golden Eagle Realty) and Damansara (The Curve) centre
  • Lesson length – 90 minutes
  • Levels – Pre-intermediate to Upper-Intermediate
  • Price – from 30 MYR per hour

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Workplace English for Adults in Penang

Workplace English is a new and improved part-time English course, designed for working adults and tertiary students who want to communicate more effectively on a daily basis. With class times set in the evenings, this programme was crafted to fit the hectic schedules of adults and students alike who wish to improve their English.

Lessons will focus on improving your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as building your English confidence, which in turn will contribute to your success in your career and improve your social life.
Set yourself up for success by improving your communication skills in the English language with Workplace English, today!

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