myClass for students

myClass is an ideal course for college and university students to improve their English level to speak confidently and fluently.

With myClass you will:

  • learn to speak confidently and fluently
  • build on listening, speaking, writing and reading skills
  • improve your vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation
  • learn in a professional, business-like environment with all the latest technology

Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. You need to sign up in August to enjoy this promotion.

You can choose your lesson time, theme and teacher and then book your lessons using your online account or the myClass mobile app so you decide what you study and when. 

How often are the classes?
Classes will be at your convenience. You will be allowed to set your own schedule.

What time do classes start?
Wednesday to Friday (2 pm to 5.15 pm) in our Kuala Lumpur centre
Friday (2.15 pm to 5.45 pm) in our Mutiara Damansara centre

How long is each class?
3 hours

How long is each course?
20 lessons

How many students in a class?
Maximum of 20 students