Tailored specifically for international school students in Years 7-9 whose English is not strong enough to tackle the IGCSE, this course boosts English language ability through grammar lessons combined with study skills - all in a communicative and effective manner!

We understand that it can be challenging to improve your English when you're also under pressure with other school subjects, especially if you're in a new country or you've moved to a school with a different language.

If you're doing an ESL course in school, this course would be fantastic in helping you elevate your English and achieve your language goals even faster. If you aren't doing one, this course is essential for you!

Throughout the course, we take our students through the fundamentals of English, helping them reach a level of confidence and ability suitable for taking the English IGCSE.

Taught over 40 hours (including small group tutorials), this is an intense and immersive course. We use a coursebook as well as tailor-made materials, all designed to engage and stimulate young minds!

Areas covered include:

Grammar Tenses, adjectives, adverbs, comparison, obligation and necessity, if... sentences
Vocabulary Personal information, life events, sports, films, music, people and places, global issues, holidays, the world of work
Reading Different types of writing, understanding gist, identifying detail, understanding tone, identifying purpose
Writing Emails, reviews, biographies, profiles, information leaflets, questionnaires, narrative essays, descriptive essays
Listening Identifying key words, understanding main ideas, identifying meaning, listening for detail
Speaking Short talks, describing things, discussing ideas, explaining opinions, sounding confident, improving fluency
Study Skills Brainstorming, mind-mapping, skimming, scanning, note-taking, reformulating and paraphrasing, planning, organizing and sequencing, inferring, analyzing, ranking, softening, summarising, supporting ideas, reflecting